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It can be used to deliver fire separation or compartmentation as Component of an integrated fire security technique.

Anti-reflective glass might be put together in an Insulating Glass Unit (IGU) with thermal insulation or solar Command glass to additional Enhance the Electricity performance with the glazing and help maintain temperatures comfortable for the creating’s occupants all 12 months spherical.

The insulation interval is normally labeled because of the letters EI accompanied by the applicable period of protection for equally integrity and insulation. By way of example, a ranking of EI sixty/thirty would imply the glass in question, when utilised as per the suitable test evidence,

However, the glazed separators need to in many circumstances satisfy the fire-preventing rules associated with flame-retardation along with the Safe and sound evacuation of your setting up buyers. Individuals specifications are very often fulfilled in the usage of fire-resistant glass.

Realization of normal orders does not exceed 14 days as well as period of assurance commences on the day of final manufacture of the glass units.

Divided into fireproof laminated glass, slender coated fireproof glass, solitary bit of fireproof glass and fireproof wire glass. The fireproof laminated glass is usually divided into composite fireproof glass and poured fireproof glass according to the features of the production approach.

The glass have to be examined and categorised in its proposed stop use software, for example as a monitor, door, roof, flooring or façade within a glazed technique appropriate for that application.

8mm monolithic fireproof glass panels, 8mm fire resistance for fireplaces, 8mm fire rated glass windows

Why opt for Guardian Glass? Guardian Glass are industry experts during the generation and application of glass – continually producing new glass technologies and strategies to deliver overall performance glass solutions all all over the world. We’re centered on growing the boundaries of what is often reached with glass.

Fire Rated Glass (often known as Fire Resistant Glass) is expert glass which has been confirmed to supply a period of time protection versus fire in the course of a Fire Resistance Take a look at. The diploma of protection made available depends upon the kind of fire rated glass utilised but Most of the time all fire rated glass functions to be a barrier to assist stop the spread of flames and VETROTECH KERALITE smoke while in the celebration of the fire.

Pyropane toughened glazing is insensitive to UV radiation and has a high degree of thermal shock resistance. This thin glass, which remains transparent within the event of the fire, is on the market in fire-resistance courses E and EW.

To acquire its ranking, fire-rated glass should pass demanding exams executed by an unbiased laboratory. The Original exam will be the fire check.

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Single layer fire-rated glass, monolithic fire-resistant glass, is a fire-rated glass crucial component in ensuring the safety and security of buildings. Its ability to contain fire and smoke while maintaining visibility adds an extra layer of protection in case of emergencies.

Single layer fire protection glass provides peace of mind by offering a reliable barrier against the spread of flames and smoke. In the event of a fire, this glass can help prevent further damage and buy valuable time for evacuation.
Single layer anti fire glass does not have the effect of fire-resistance and heat insulation, so it ONLY matchs Class C and is the CLASS E fire-rated glass.


When it comes to fire safety, every detail matters. Anti fire partitions are specifically designed and constructed to resist the spread of fire from one area to another. Sperating different sections of a building and helping to prevent the rapid progression of flames.

Whether it's in commercial buildings, industrial facilities, or residential properties, fire protection partition walls are a non-negotiable element of any comprehensive fire protection strategy. Their ability to withstand high temperatures and prevent the spread of flames makes them indispensable assets in safeguarding both property and people.

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